Sunday, 4 September 2011


Panasonic fair IFA intends to take advantage of multimedia presentation equipment, especially the new 3D televisions and projectors. Proposal enabled device for 3D-led projector PT-AT5000E new line of Viera TVs VT30, active 3D glasses TY-EW3D3 Viera Connect and network interface devices.
Viera line of LCD TVs, among others, consists of a 32-inch model TX-and TX-L32DT30 L32DT35 and 37-inch model TX-and TX-L37DT35 L37DT30. Panasonic TVs with IPS Alpha panels, 3D support (400 Hz) and Viera Connect, DLNA, and V-Audio Surround.
New series Viera plasma Neoplasma VT30, GT30, ST30 and G30 for the 3D view to Full HD resolution using the technology 600 Hz Sub-field Drive which has a fast response time of 0.001 ms. Diagonal range 24-65 inches. Among the novelties is a camcorder HDC-Z10000, the first camera with built-in 2D/3D lens and is compatible with AVCHD 3D/Progressive standard.
The camera uses the company's 3MOS technology and can capture 2D and 3D content in full HD resolution, and other features tailored to the demanding amateurs or professionals.

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  1. I would better wait for the lower price of it.

  2. When that arrives to Argentina, IF it arrives, it will cost sooooooo much it won't even be funny.

  3. that is just awesome. I want one!

  4. Neoplasma? Time to call the ghostbusters.